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Structuring your business

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Proper business structure helps you achieving your goals. When designing the structure, you should consider inter alia:

  • Your family arrangements and exposure to personal risks
  • Risks inherent in the business, such as customer insolvency, employment-related risks
  • Assets required to be involved in the business and their financing
  • Plans for growth, taking new partners in the business, accepting venture capital, and selling

Implementation of structure may be expensive and new businesses may not accept the cost. We may design a structure that allows future improvement, when the funds become available, or business concept is proven.

We also review, plan and execute a restructure existing businesses, considering potential benefits, costs and temporary burden on business operations. Our business structuring services consider asset protection strategies, tax planning and family arrangements.

Our business structuring and tax planning services can be tailored for a family unit, or family units within the arms-length business arrangements, where we develop a plan that is equitable to all stake holders and considers opportunities for individual parties and the entire group.

Speak to us today about business structures and how we can help side with you to grow.

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