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Money not spent is money earned. Every person and business must plan for their expenses and cash outflows and reduce the impact where possible. Tax may be a significant part of your cash outlays and must be included in your overall business plan.

Tax planning is not only calculating future tax bill but also developing strategies that minimize the impact and align your cash flow with tax obligations. It’s also building a strong structure that allows distribution of income and capture profits where the tax outcome is most favourable.

Whether it’s a significant transaction, new business venture that requires good strategy or regular annual profit and tax review, BTMH can provide advice on tax compliance, strategy and assist in implementation of your plan to lead you to a better cash flow.

Our services look beyond the next tax bill and focus on overall after-tax outcome in the foreseeable future. We connect tax with your cash flow projections, growth strategies and personal goals. We believe that only considering all variables in your large-scale strategy will bring desired results.

Contact us and let us help you plan and reduce your future tax bills.