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Whether you’re on the path for growth, look-out for investors or have prospective partners to join your business, we can help your business become a corporate success through advice on governance, reporting and strategy.

Becoming investor-ready is essentially ensuring that your business is a sound and safe investment, the goals set by it are achievable and it has the potential for success it claims to have. This is an opinion often formed individually by experts in their fields, and it is only made after the business it thoroughly reviewed.

Sound and safe – your business must not depend entirely on you to operate and prosper. Procedures and processes must be in place to ensure minimum standards are maintained and business is continuing without interruptions. Also, you must prove that your procedures and controls prevent any undesired risks and fraud without your close watch over the growing team.

Goals – your business must define a plan that is both attractive and achievable. It clearly states your strengths and opportunities and how you will take advantage of them, as well as sufficiently identify and address your threats and weaknesses. The plan must be based on realistic assumptions and consider all aspect of your business, including all stakeholders. Plan must also consider changes that your business will face as it grows.

Potential – your goals may be realistic, but investors must believe that you can deliver. Past performance is helpful, but it may not be the case in start-ups or new inventions. You will require endorsement from industry experts, market analysts and other professionals in the field. These endorsements must be trustworthy, so choose your partners carefully.

This will usually be verified by analysts linked to investors or hired independent experts.

Plan your operations in a new environment

Most great business often start as private enterprises, and their early-stage success is achieved thanks to fast decisions and efficiency of small team, where decision makers are often involved in all operations of the business. With a growing business, the volume of operations, decisions and information processing surpasses capability of decision makers. This will result in loss of efficiency and frustration. It is important to keep the pace with growth and implement changes in advance.

Efficient and sustainable change requires a redesign of the organisational chart, where roles are identified and assigned, and implementation of policies and procedures to allow cycling of certain processes without involvement of managers. This may result in a reduction in efficiency at first, especially when the growth is steady, but in the long run, the free time of managers and automation of certain processes in the business will prove valuable when managers can focus on growth, governance, and strategic goals.

Manage change in your enterprise and prepare your team for growth

Processes that brought your company to the current level may not be efficient or reliable in the new environment. Improvements, additional controls and scalability are often required to cope with the growth and restructure that may come. It can no longer rely on a single individual or a close group. Each significant change that doesn’t come naturally, and may face resistance from people who are supposed to adopt it. Whether it’s an additional burden, fear of stepping out of comfort zone, or lack of understanding of the big picture, this may impact both the adoption of changes and current performance.

Our Advisors will work with your team to design the processes and assist in implementation to achieve a positive sentiment and ensuring their support to the changes.

  • Analyse your business and identify your weaknesses
  • Plan your processes for a new, scaled environment
  • Clarify your vision and mission to clearly communicate your values with all stakeholders
  • Polish your strategy and master your business plan to clearly set the goals and milestones
  • Evaluate your governance and help building a culture that will work within a public sphere

Contact us to see how our advisers and partners can team up with you to clear the path ahead and achieve your big-scale goals.