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So, you’re starting a business

Congratulations! The decisions you make early on may have financial consequences down the track. At BTMH we understand that you don’t want to be held back, so we make the business setup process easy by handling all structural details including tax obligations and compliance.

One of the biggest decisions is how your business should be structured. An optimised business structure can protect you and your assets from liability if things go wrong, and offer you tax benefits so you can take advantage of the good times.

Choosing the right business structure is about considering factors including:

  • Growing your business
  • Taking on new partners or investors
  • Business succession
  • Mitigating financial exposure
  • Profit distributions and taxation
  • Setup and ongoing costs.

While this decision may be driven by cost early on, don’t worry as we can always restructure your business later.

Once you’re set up, we can assist with:

  • Organising all insurances
  • Managing partners and investors, profit distributions
  • Taxation, planning and management
  • Managing business and financial challenges
  • Annual compliance work
  • Analysing your business structure for long-term financial success.

Speak to us today about your new business and how we can help side with you to grow.

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